March 30, 2009

15 Month Recap

Charlie had his 15 month check-up on February 13. He weighed 28.4 pounds and was 31 ½ inches tall. I don’t remember his head circumference, but it was in the 95th percentile. Large heads, we've got ‘em.

His development seems to be right on track. He enjoys using a fork and spoon, with help of course. He uses about 5-10 words, and he sometimes repeats what we say. He's also recently started noticing things on television. He'll say "ball," "dog," "bird," or "baby" when seeing one on TV.

In other developments, he enjoys walking backwards. It's funny, because he's so careful when he does it. And he looks at you like "Can you believe I'm doing this?!" He also enjoys mimicing our movements. He's been known to shake his head, blink repeatedly, cross his arms, and sigh loudly after one of us does the same. He also does most of the movements to "Wheels on the Bus" and "Patty-cake."

He reacts often to sounds. He points out every plane that he hears. And that's a lot since we are a few miles from a small airport. He says "bird" when he hears one. He likes to stand at the window and watch cars go down the street, occasionally saying "car." He also says "Daddy" when he hears the garage door go up. His babbling has become more conversation-like. Listening to him babble in the morning is hilarious--he carries on a two-sided conversation all by himself.

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