May 12, 2009

Around the House

Since my last blog post, we've been doing a few things around the house. We had an electrician come out to replace an outlet that exploded, and a breaker that was “about to go out.”

We had a plumber come out to fix a “monster clog” in our main line that was causing some backups. We can now, after 4 years, wash a load of clothes without periodically stopping the washer to let it drain more slowly. It's heaven.

While we're on the subject of repair people, we also had our TV cleaned. I had been complaining for many months that the picture looked cloudy. It was becoming really annoying to watch because some shows were really dark, and it was hard to distinguish the actors from the sets. So, a repairman came out, gave it a good internal cleaning (and who doesn't need one of those?), and it looks brand new again. We're back in love.

Another project that I'm working on is transitioning the front bedroom into a guest bedroom/play room. We had been using it as an office/workout room/craft room/library/junk room. We've moved all the office things (computers, cameras, printer, office supplies, etc.) into a new computer armoire in the dining room. This also moves the computer out in the open, which I like. The armoire also has a built-in charging station for all of our phones, cameras, and mp3 players. However, I don’t think I’m taking as many pictures because the cameras are all put up and out of sight. Anyway, I have a plan and a vision, so it's another work in progress, but what isn't?

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