March 30, 2009


On February 20, 2009, I committed an act that would have unforeseeable consequences for the future. I had no idea how my actions would affect life as we know it. It was a simple act; my intentions were innocent. I'm sharing this because it might just happen to you. You see, I attended a scrapbooking retreat.

I had never even heard of scrapbooking retreats before this. I had started a scrapbook after Dave and I were married, but it became overwhelming and was soon put on the back burner. I enjoy making things and now with Charlie, I feel like I have an excuse to get back into it. So, that was my thinking when I went to the Scrappin' Pad near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, with coworkers. It seemed innocent enough—all meals provided, no housework, no diaper changes, camaraderie of other women. And it was truly wonderful. However, little did I know that I would be devoting all of my extra time (and money!) to scrap-related crafts from that day forward.

So, for anyone wondering why the blog hasn't been updated in a month and a half, just picture me at that table you see in the previous post happily cutting and gluing. I'm really not a traditional scrapbooker, but I like making papercrafts and mini albums. Here's what I've been up to so far:

That would be three “smash books,” three mini albums, two clipboards, decorative initials (the “M”), an altered journal, faux butterfly specimens (framed), and a photo carousel. And those are just the finished things suitable for photographing. In fact, I have a date this Saturday to meet coworkers at a scrapbook shop to “scrap.” I don't see this addiction ending anytime soon...

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Wendy said...

ha ha! And that is exactly why I avoid scrapbooking at all costs - I'm afraid I would go crazy! I have a friend who loves to visit the paper aisle at Hobby Lobby - she finds it addictive. :-)

What you have done looks great - but then with your talent, I'm not surprised.

Charlie is growing and changing so much - maybe one day soon we will get to finally meet him! :-)