November 9, 2008

Party Time!

We celebrated Charlie’s birthday this Saturday. We had a fun time with Dave’s family and my parents who were in from Texas. The timing was perfect—Charlie was waking up from his nap just as people were arriving. After eating lunch, we all had cake. Well, it was technically an ice cream cake, and Charlie got to “manually” eat his piece. I think he enjoyed feeling it with his fingers more than he liked cramming it in his mouth. After that, Charlie opened presents with the help of his cousin Katelin who is 3. He received some really neat toys and books that will keep him busy! He wasn’t too sure about some of the toys immediately after opening them, but he’s been exploring them more and more since then. All in all, he had a wonderful party that I’m sure he’ll remember more in pictures!


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!!

Hopefully we will get to see you soon - I can't believe you are a year old! Where has the time gone?? If Uncle Nolan had his way we would be a lot closer - he went camping in Oklahoma the other weekend and is love with your state. Maybe we will come up one day and visit!

Love, Nolan, Wendy, and Karsyn

McBabble said...

Sometimes it feels like the year has flown by, and other times... not so Either way, it has been a wonderful, enriching experience.

Where did Nolan go camping? There are some beautiful lakes and state parks in the southeastern part of the state. Unfortunately, it's a little flatter and drier up this way. It makes me miss my pine trees!