November 10, 2008

Charlie Gets Cultured and Stuff

We went to see the Huun Huur Tu throat singers tonight at the library. They are from Tuva, a small country located between Siberia and Mongolia. The group does what is called overtone singing. They begin with this guttural groan and then you suddenly start hearing this high pitched whistling along with the lower notes. One singer can be singing 2 or 3 notes simultaneously. There are different styles of singing. The first clip is of the more guttural style. The second clip is of the more lyrical, whistling style. The songs start to sound like wind—completely nonhuman.

It was a neat experience, not only seeing the performance, but also seeing the library filled to capacity with a wide variety of people interested in experiencing this foreign culture.


Mikie said...

Yay for culture! How did Charlie react to the sounds?

McBabble said...

Hi Mikie!
I think he was more interested in playing with his shoes and watching the people around He did watch the performers for a while, but then he got squirmy... So maybe we'll just have to limit his cultural experiences to small doses!