September 2, 2008

Holiday! Celebrate!

It would be interesting to know which readers now have Madonna's "Holiday" stuck in their Charlie and I kicked off the holiday weekend by having lunch with Dave on Friday. I think he enjoys going to the office where there’s all new stuff to get into. Saturday, he went with Dave and Uncle Brad to a gun show…yes, another one. After the gun show, I joined them along with some friends for lunch.

When we got home, Dave and Charlie zonked out, and I was able to continue my chick-movie marathon. I had already watched most of Emma and the beginning of Little Women (the good one with Katherine Hepburn) that morning. There’s just nothing better than being home alone and eating breakfast in bed while watching a good movie and knitting (apparently I turn into an old spinster cat lady when left alone…). With the boys napping I watched Becoming Jane, about the early life of Jane Austen, and enjoyed more wild, hedonistic knitting.

Sunday we went to Norman where Dave’s parents live. We dropped Charlie off at their house and went to see a movie—Tropic Thunder. I should say that the last movie I’ve seen was Michael Clayton when I was 8 months pregnant. So, while I wasn’t especially excited about Tropic Thunder, just getting to go was thrilling enough for me. And it turns out that Tropic Thunder was actually very funny.

[An aside in which I get all politically-correct… I had read about disability advocate groups protesting the movie’s portrayal of people with mental handicaps. Having seen the movie, the questionable scenes are really about making fun of stereotypical egotistical actors who use those types of roles for personal acclaim and are not meant to mock people with actual mental disabilities.]

After the movie we spent the afternoon with Dave’s parents. Charlie did great. He only took a short nap, so I expected him to be extra fussy, but he really didn’t get that way until we left later that evening. His first Labor Day consisted of playing, catching up on lost sleep, and watching coverage of hurricane Gustav.

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