August 25, 2008

Nine Month Check-up

In addition to all of the standing and cruising, Charlie has become quite a babbler. He babbles before he goes to bed, he babbles when he wakes up, he babbles when he eats, he babbles in the bathtub. We’re hearing lots of ma ma ma mas and ba ba ba bas. He also likes to bounce and clap his hands, especially when he hears music. I noticed this one day when the All My Children theme song came on…either that or he just really likes All My Children.

He’s still a good eater. We haven’t found anything (yet) that he refuses to eat. In addition to all of the fruits and veggies he’s been eating, he now also enjoys bits of turkey, cottage cheese, string cheese, chickpeas, and Cheerios. I let him feed himself as much as possible, which he prefers to me spoon feeding him. He’s also been using a sippy cup for awhile. He does okay with it, only choking himself occasionally…

Charlie had his 9 month check-up on Friday. He weighs 24.1 pounds and is 28 ½ inches long. This puts him in the 75-90th percentile for weight and the 50-75th percentile for height, for what it’s worth. Everything went fine at the check-up. He seems to be progressing right on track. Charlie also received more shots. He wails and his whole body turns red when he gets them—it starts with his face and then the color travels all the way down his stomach. He recovers pretty quickly though. The nurse commented that he seems to have a good temperament. I always joke that he has his moments, but he really does seem to be a pleasant baby, getting cranky only when he’s sleepy or hungry. Just like his mama.

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Wendy said...

Karsyn might be taller, but Charlie is passing her up in weight! I can't wait to one day see them together!

Are you guys going to the reunion in September?