August 12, 2008

Standing, sitting, cruising

Charlie is all over the place. I’m just waiting for him to take off walking one day. He has started “cruising,” taking small steps while holding on to the couch. It’s really amazing to watch him become more mobile each day. Last week he couldn’t figure out how to sit after standing, but this week, he’s got it down pat. It seems like just the other day when he could barely hold his head up while on all fours.

In other news, Dave has realized that he and Charlie can run errands together. They went to a gun show (of all places) a few weekends ago. Then they went out again later that same day to the fish market. Dave reported that they got quite a bit of attention from the ladies, which I think he enjoyed! I think the outings really helped build Dave’s confidence, letting him know that Charlie will be fine if they go out together.

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