August 1, 2008

Friday in the Big Town

Charlie and I ventured out this morning to visit everyone at my work. I try to go by at least once a month to remind people that I’m still alive, plus I get to showoff Charlie. It’s always exciting to visit the office because the company has grown and continues to grow so much. It’s great to catch-up with all of the old faces (maybe I should rephrase that as “familiar faces”…lol), but it’s also nice to see all of the new faces each time I go in. It’s also refreshing to get out and talk about English stuff or books or technology—anything other than feedings and naps and bowel movements.

I do miss working from the office sometimes. I’d love to be able to play a more active role in the growth and leadership of the company. Sometimes I get anxious, thinking that opportunities are passing me by, but then I have to sit back and put things into perspective. I have to remind myself that my job as an essay grader, while not glamorous, is perfectly suited to my needs at this moment, and I’m lucky to have it. It was a transition that unfolded with perfect timing. I just sometimes have to remind myself that work will always be there, and with the company’s success, I’m positive that there will be a host of opportunities for professional growth when the time comes for me to hop back on the career ladder.

Okay, enough introspection for awhile! After going by the office, Charlie and I went to eat Mexican food with Dave and people from his office. While Mexican was not what I had in mind—I’m sorry but I get a little selfish when it’s my one day out and I don’t get to eat what I want! Anyway, it was perfect for Charlie. I fed him some sweet potatoes and green beans, and then we kept him occupied with bits of flour tortilla and rice. Plus, he was passed around the table, so he had plenty of entertainment. He had a very eventful morning and was zonked out in the car on the way home.

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