August 4, 2008

Book Giveaway!

Here at Casa de McDonald, we are decluttering! Actually, I should speak for myself because Dave would never admit that he has too many of anything—he’s the worst kind of pack rat. I, on the other hand, find “destashing” or decluttering invigorating and freeing. I’m starting with books and will gladly give you the chance to grab any of these before they are sold/donated/recycled (I’m not exactly sure what will happen to them).

The first group is crafting books. I’ve put a picture of each on Flickr along with link to a description on Amazon for each of them. Most of these have never left the bookshelves, so they are in good condition. Send me an e-mail if you’d like any of them, know someone who would like any of them, or just need something to prop up your wobbly table. If you are a reader that I don’t personally know and you’d like any of these, I’ll gladly mail it if you cover postage.

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