May 29, 2008

Charlie Bit Me!

First, if you haven't seen the YouTube video that is the source of this entry's title, stop everything you are doing and go here.

When we arrived home after the doctor appointment and after eating, Dave was playing with Charlie in the floor. I was in the kitchen when I heard an “Ow!” emanate from the living room. Charlie had bitten down on Dave’s finger, and the noise was Dave expressing his discovery of…Charlie’s first tooth!

We’ve been expecting it any minute, since Charlie was biting and gnawing on anything he could get his hands on. I had expected Charlie to be fussy or run a fever when the tooth broke through, but he wasn’t with this one. The one right next to it is about to make its entrance too.


Wendy said...

What is better than an adult speaking in an english accent...a kid speaking in an english accent! ha ha!

We have stopped trying to count Karsyn's teeth - neither one of us are brave enough to put our fingers in her mouth anymore! ha ha!

I can't believe that Charlie is 6 months old! Where has the time gone? Hopefully now that we live closer to East Texas we can come down when you guys are in town.

Take care - Wendy

McBabble said...

I know! Time flies! I think back to what we were doing last year at this time, and it seems like a lifetime ago! Hope you all are doing well. The new house looks great, and I'm soooo envious of your pool!

Talk to you later!