June 3, 2008

Charlie Goes to the World Series

…the Women’s College World Series, that is!

Dave and I became addicted to watching the college softball championship last year. We tuned in every night for a week, getting to know the players by name and rooting for the underdogs. College softball is everything major league baseball should be. Players aren’t jaded or egotistical; instead, they support their teammates and openly show their passion for the sport.

We also found the series interesting because it’s played here in OKC. We had talked about watching a game from the stadium last year, but pregnancy and ninety degree temperatures don’t mix well. This year however, we made a point to see a game in person.

We packed up Charlie and went to the first game of the final three game series Monday night. It was crazy windy, but not too hot. Charlie did great. There was so much for him to watch and listen to that he was busy the whole time. He quickly made friends around us, from the teenagers in front of us to the family behind us. I had worried about him getting overheated, but he was just fine in his seersucker short-alls (I'd like to find a pair of those in my size…).

We had great seats, next to the aisle and main walkway. Plus, we bought an extra seat for all of Charlie’s gear, so we could spread out a little. The game wasn’t a great one—Arizona State ran all over Texas A&M, but I did get to see the ESPN announcers Beth Mowins, Jessica Mendoza (former and current Olympic softball player), and the profile and belly of John Kruk (retired MLB player). Plus, I got to eat a corn dog and some nachos, so it was a perfect evening in my book!


Jen said...

Just stumbled onto your blog via the "next blog" tab at the top--and what a great discovery! The Youtube video is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Such sweet boys!

Fellow Blogger-Mom,

Me said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for visiting! I wish I could claim those boys in the video, but they aren't mine. Someone had sent me the video in an e-mail and then I saw it again featured on a talkshow. I think a kid could say anything in that accent and it would be cute!

(Charlie's mom)