February 6, 2008

To sleep or not to sleep*

So Charlie has slept all day today. Yesterday he had a grand total of two 30 minute naps. Tomorrow, who knows? This is how it seems to go with Young Charles. Everyone keeps saying that he’ll get into a routine, but I haven’t seen it yet. The weird thing is that he’s doing great at night. He sleeps a 4-5 hour stretch, gets fed and changed, and then sleeps another 2-3 hour stretch. His nighttime pattern is consistent, but his daytime schedule is anyone’s guess.

I used to think it was strange how much moms discussed their kids' sleeping patterns. Now I understand why. When Charlie is awake, he has my full attention. I'm feeding, changing, entertaining, consoling, rocking, or just enjoying him when he's alert. Meanwhile, my mental “to do” list continues to grow. When he goes to sleep, I feel like I’m in a race see how much I can get done. I sprint around the house (some poetic license used) doing things I need to do and mentally checking off the list. When he begins crying as he wakes up, the sound is my buzzer telling me that time is up ladies and gentlemen, please put down your pencils.

I guess the reason I really want him to get into a daytime pattern is so I'll know what to expect when I wake up every morning, or at least have an idea of how things will go. For example, had I known that he was going to sleep all day today, I wouldn’t have worried so much yesterday about trying to get all of my hours in since I’ve had plenty of time to work today. I guess I’m just not much on surprises…

*Alternate Shakespearey titles for this post:
"To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub."
"Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"
"We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep."

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