February 16, 2012

A Scene from Our Script


CHARLIE: A four-year-old going on fourteen. Too smart for his own good. Does not know what curiosity did to the cat.

MAMA: Thirtysomething sleep-deprived mother of two. She has been worn down enough that “Just go with it” is her new motto.

Act I, Scene 492
(CHARLIE goes to his room for afternoon nap. MAMA tucks him in, hits “Play” on his CD player, and leaves room. Five seconds later CHARLIE flies out of his room screeching and whining.)

CHARLIE: It’s not working!

MAMA: What isn’t working?

CHARLIE: My CD isn’t playing!

(MAMA goes back in room, inspects CD, tries playing it again with no luck.)

MAMA: It was working last night. Why isn’t it working now?

CHARLIE: There’s cookie crumbs in it.

MAMA: Why are there cookie crumbs in the CD player?

CHARLIE: Because I put a cookie in there to see if it would play.

MAMA: Did it play cookie music?


(CHARLIE turns radio on and returns to bed. MAMA tucks CHARLIE in again and is seen shaking her head while muttering unintelligible sounds as she closes the door.)


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