February 2, 2012

Grateful Mess

I look around the house and see so many messes. Messes that I’m grateful for.

Snips of paper and twine scattered under the table. So thankful for a crafty little boy who buzzes by the table to color or cut or glue for a few minutes before buzzing off to his next adventure.

Clothes piling up in the laundry basket. Thankful that we have more clothes than we need. And thankful for little boys who get dirty.

Plates with crusted remains of dinners past. Thankful to have more than we need. Thankful for clean water and soap that will be there when I find the time to tackle the dishes.

A bathroom that needs a good mopping, a tub with more toys than space to bathe.

Toys invade every room. Waking up to discover that you’ve slept with a stuffed gorilla, a picture book, and a few wooden trains hidden in the bed.

A neglected blog. A sign that we are busy. But not in meaningless busyness, but deep in the throes of everyday life with little ones. I’m thankful to have these demands on my time.

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