December 14, 2010

December Growth Scan

We had our monthly growth scan last week. Baby’s weight looks good. He weighs around 4 pounds 12 ounces, which actually measures a week ahead of schedule. He’s also finally positioned head down, which I was glad to see. And he had his feet up by his face for much of the time. It was funny to watch him do gymnastics in there. We talked to the doctor about delivery, and she said there was no reason not to prepare for a regular birth. However, they recommended inducing at 39 weeks because of the two-vessel umbilical cord.

During this visit, we also met with the “Nurse Navigator” who is a support person for people having babies with issues. She said that after baby is born, he’d have another echocardiogram. And we’d also have a consultation with a pediatric orthopedist to look at his hand. She also helped us with important things like where to park and where to check-in for delivery…lol.

This week I had my first nonstress test, which involved me sitting in a recliner watching TV with a fetal heart monitor strapped to my belly. It was challenging, but I powered through. They record Baby’s heart activity for a minimum of 20 minutes and see how the heart reacts when he moves. The doctor said that the print-out of his heart activity looked great. I’ll have these tests once a week, not that I’ll look forward to them or anything… ;)

I also saw my regular doctor this week for the usual check-up. We talked a little about delivery and the process of inducing. She said that we’d have more of a game plan as the date approached. It’s a little strange to have the decision-making process split between two doctors. But my regular doctor defers a lot to the maternal-fetal doctor who has been doing my monthly ultrasounds. So long as everyone is on the same page, we’re good!


Wendy said...

So happy to hear that things are going well - can't wait for the little one to arrive!

McBabble said...

Thanks! Hey, you and me both!