November 8, 2010

November Growth Scan

(After my last belated post, you are now back to present day!)

We had our monthly growth ultrasound today. The doctor said that Baby looked great. His estimated weight is 3lbs. 4oz, which the doctor said is in the 60th percentile and right on track. She said that it appeared the single umbilical artery wasn't having a detrimental impact at all. She also said the heart was stable and doing fine. Also, amniotic fluid levels were fine. Yay!

In a way, I think we're lucky to get to see so many images of Baby. I can really tell how much he is filling out each time. At this appointment, we saw some great images of his face. And I'm pretty sure that he winked at us. He definitely opened and closed one eye. It's also neat to see the movements on screen match the movements that I feel. We brought Charlie with us this time. He liked seeing Baby "on TV" and "swim in the water."

After having the ultrasound, I saw my regular doctor for my monthly checkup. This is my last monthly appointment with her. I'll see her every two weeks after this and then weekly for the last month. I got to show her my rash. Yep, I have PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy). It's just as cool as it sounds. I have bumps on my stomach, upper thighs, and backs of my arms. And it makes me want to scratch my skin off. I've been using some anti-itch lotion given to Charlie by a dermatologist for his rash (that's a whole 'nother story), and it's been working pretty well. I asked my doctor if the rash would come and go, and she said “Well, it usually just gets worse until delivery.” Awesome. I let her know that it hasn't been as itchy for the past couple of days, but she wrote me a prescription in case it gets unbearable. I read that less than 1% of pregnant women get PUPPP and that it occurs more often in women carrying boys. I think I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket with all of the luck we've been having lately!

Also, she had received the test results from my glucose screening and my baseline protein screening. I had the privilege of collecting my urine for a 24 hour period for that last test. Again, it was just as awesome as it sounds. All of the test results came back negative, normal, and/or fine.

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Wendy said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are going well! We continue to keep you and Baby in our prayers.