October 7, 2008

We had a nice visit this weekend with family in Texas. Dave and the dogs were able to join us for the trip. It was so nice to have him along so that one of us could sit in the back with Charlie. We got to spend time with Mamá, and we spent Saturday over at Papa’s visiting with family in from South Texas. It was nice to be able to see everyone. Charlie had a great time getting passed around and playing with his cousins.

I’m still waiting for Charlie to start walking and talking any minute now. He cruises all around the living room and can stand unsupported for several seconds. He still babbles up a storm, especially when he just wakes up and when he gets sleepy. His new sounds include “guh” and “thuh.” Tonight I saw him push his toy phone across the room while crawling. I guess it’s time to get out those Tonka trucks!

In food news, Charlie is eating mostly table food. He’s a good eater, which is shocking I know… It’s so nice that he can eat whatever we are eating—unless we are having something really nutritional like nachos, and then I’ll fix him something healthier. He still takes a few bottles a day, mainly because they are convenient for us. He doesn’t seem to be particularly attached to them, so I don’t think we’ll have a problem weaning him, whenever we get to that point.

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