February 12, 2008

And we were slinging!

If you are one of the many people required to carry an infant around, I recommend using a sling. It allows you the use of both hands, which feels like a small miracle. I purchased mine from Slinglings, which is the brainchild of a work-at-home mom. She makes all of the slings from her home in Seattle, Washington, where she offers a ton of fabric choices. She also makes it simple to find your size since you can see what other people with your same height and weight have ordered. Plus she has a very fair return policy if your sling doesn’t fit correctly.

Anyway, I had tried Charlie in my sling soon after he was born. At that time, he wasn’t long enough and didn’t weigh enough to fill out the sling, so he hung down at my waist. I really wondered if the contraption was going to work after all. Well, I tried him in it last week, and he fits! The sling is awesome. Charlie likes to be up and carried, so I’m now able to satisfy him and do a few things around the house at the same time. I’ve even vacuumed with him in the sling, and he drifted off to sleep.

The sling also makes it easier to take him out in public. I used the sling just last week when Charlie and I got our monthly Hobby Lobby fix. Before, I had to lug him around in his car seat, which while good for strengthening the back and shoulder muscles, is not so much fun to do. The sling made shopping a breeze, and it was funny to see people’s reactions.

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