May 11, 2007

Another pre-blog post...

There is very little that connects me to the sorority of women past. Not finding out the baby’s sex is one miniscule little way that I can experience something that billions of other women have experienced. Plus, this way of connecting to other women is a lot easier than doing something really hard like going through a drug-free birth with no doctor and no sterile hospital.

Another reason I don’t want to find out is that I just want to focus on the joy of having a new little creature around. Period. I don’t want to get caught up in creating a premade identity for this little person that I don’t even know yet. Plus, pink was never a nursery option, so it’s not like I'm missing out on that.

The only thing I fear is that not knowing the baby’s sex will prevent me from bonding with him/her as early as I could've had I known what I was having... something to think about.

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