June 14, 2012

Moving, Grooving, Talking Toddler

I remember blogging each time Charlie had a doctor check-up. I’d faithfully record his height, weight, percentiles, and developmental milestones. Poor Baby Jack hasn’t had much of that! I do keep all of his measurements and things from the doctor, so maybe one day I’ll post them. Maybe.

At almost 17 months, Jack is quite a character. He loves to talk, climb, dance, and RUN! His favorite toys are remotes, phones, and anything with buttons. He can whistle, jump with both feet, and throw/kick a ball. He follows directions: put back, go get, and go to. He often hooks a bag or purse over his arm, waves bye bye, and goes to the door. He also likes to blow on his food to cool it off. Even yogurt because you just never know. 

Here are some “words” that Jack says and their English equivalents:
djiss               cheese
ish                  shirt
dada               turkey, empty, daddy, cracker
dish                fish, juice
oosh               shoes
da                   dog, plane, down, drink
bop bop          apple, diaper
ba                   bird, boat
ha                   hot (when he sees fire, the grill, smoke, steam)
ah                   eye, ice
neh neh          nose

Jack also points to facial features on command, but he’s more interested in yours than his. He also loves to walk around in my flip flops and will wear hats as available.        

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