December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a great trip back home for Thanksgiving. Once, we finally got there... When it's just Charlie and me, I have our bags packed and ready, so all we have to do is get up and get in the car. I don't know why adding one adult human and two dogs makes the process so much harder, but it does. We did good to leave the house by noon as we started our Thanksgiving holiday. In the past, I would've been stressed out and frustrated about the whole thing, but life's more about the journey than the end result, right? (I'll keep repeating that through clenched teeth...) Anyway, we made it with no problems, except for some whining, and some from Charlie, too.

Once at Granny and Granddad's, Charlie got lots of outside playtime. There were a couple of pretty cold days, but the end of the week was warmer. He enjoyed pretending to drive the “big tractor” (forklift) while Granny sang impromptu songs about it. He also liked having Granny push him on his “bike” (tricycle with a big plastic handle for adults to push it). And of course, Charlie could often be found playing in the rocks, dirt, and leaves.

Charlie also got to ride on a 4-wheeler for the first time. Granddaddy rode him around (very carefully!) several times, and Charlie wasn't scared of the noise or vibration. Charlie even got to "give it gas" a few times. He's a little heavy-handed with the throttle. Don't know where he'd get that.

On Thanksgiving Day and the following Saturday, we had lunch with family (Mom's side and then Dad's side). I'm always so impressed with my cousins' children. Maybe it's because I don't remember being that caring and well-behaved! At each family gathering, the younger kids seemed to really enjoy playing with Charlie and including him in their games. I hope Charlie grows up like them. I love seeing him play and visit with all of his relatives.

More Developments:
  • His speech is becoming clearer and easier to understand. End consonants like the -ch in “touch” and “lunch” are new. Also, he has started saying the -k in words like “monkey” and "uncle" which used to sound like “mummee” and "unnull."

  • Loves to climb, loves to stand on the couch and fall over, landing on the pillows. Loves to wallow on the dogs.

  • Enjoys helping wash dishes, put clothes in the dryer, and sweep the floor.

  • He's so fun to talk to and play with. It's like he's becoming a little human being or something!

  • He has also learned to roll his eyes. Not in a sarcastic way (yet!), but in a “Hey, look at what I can do!” kind of way.

  • He also likes to shake his head “yes” in an exaggerated way when he wants you to agree to something. For example he'll say “animal cookie?” and then *head shake*head shake*head shake* with eyebrows raised.

  • He can be a little bossy and will request that you “move” which really means get up and come with me. Or, he'll take your hand and say “to walk” which also means come follow me.

  • He also barks out a staccato “Ma! Ma!” sometimes upon waking. I think it's hilarious.

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