October 27, 2009

Charlie Talks. A lot.

There for a while, Charlie just repeated words that you said. Now, he points out things all by himself. When he does repeat things, he repeats entire phrases, not just the last word used. He also loves the newly found power of the word “no.” He uses quite a few two-word phrases and simple sentences, such as:
Mama painting
Dexter rolling
DeeDee come
Mama get you
Mama typing
Daddy home
Up please
Cookie please
Old turtle
Old Dodge (you had to be there...)
Wheee Doggie

More Developments:

  • He likes to let everyone know when it's dark outside, when we are home, etc. When it's dark outside, he likes to point out the moon and stars, even when none are visible...
  • Charlie often remembers parts of books that we've read. For example, he'll bring me Llama, Llama Red Pajama, and say "Run! Run! Run!" because there's a part of the story where Mama Llama runs to see why Baby Llama is crying.
  • He sings parts of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” which is the cutest thing ever. He especially likes the line “up above the world so high” which sounds a little like “up a bub bub bub bub hiiiigh”
  • He gets you to play chase by saying “get you” while running and looking back to see if you are chasing him. He says "ashes” when he wants you to play Ring Around the Rosy.
  • He always looks for deer when we leave the neighborhood. (There's a large wooded area by the neighborhood where we always see deer.) Without fail, Charlie points out the window and says “deer” and “looking?”
  • He also recognizes that some things are letters and calls them letters.
  • Charlie breaks out in a dance almost every day. It's hilarious. Reminds me of some kind of Appalachian mountain hillbilly stomping dance.
  • He also loves football. (Whose child is this?) When the players run, Charlie runs with his arms flailing, back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. He'll also do “down, set, hut” and fall when “tackled.”
  • He likes counting. His favorite number is nine. A typical countdown is “nine, two, nine”
  • He can jump with both feet leaving the ground. (And not just while in his crib...haha)

This is the longest I've gone before having to buy Charlie bigger clothes. I cleaned out closets last month and put away anything that was too small. He's still able to wear a few cold weather shirts from the spring, which is nice. I hit a few sales last month and got him all stocked up for the cold weather. Now, it just has to get cold!

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