August 17, 2009

Summer Recap

I wish someone would read my mind and then create thoughtful and witty blog entries for me. That would be awesome. Until I find that person, you'll have to make-do with this warm and cozy bulleted list of Things Charlie Did This Summer:

  • Started pushing toys with wheels across the floor. He will also sometimes pull his pull-along toys behind him when he walks.
  • Repeated everything we said to him. Every. Thing.
  • Became more aware of his physical presence. He enjoys climbing on you, pushing on you, collapsing on you, etc.
  • Became more expressive of his frustrations. There was screeching involved.
  • Learned that hitting and throwing things is a no-no.
  • Did a few craft projects like coloring and finger painting.
  • Went to the zoo for the first time, where he
  • Got to practice his newly learned animal names and sounds, like elephant and monkey.
  • Developed a nice overhead throw.
  • Learned to blow bubbles in the water. With his mouth.
  • Spent lots of time with his grandparents and family.
  • Got in the dog bed and said “nigh nigh”
  • Spent lots of time playing outside in the yard, swinging, swimming, chasing the dogs, and generally milling around.
  • Said a few multiple-word phrases like “Mama and Daddy”
  • Picked up keys and said “bye bye” and “car”
  • Developed many new facial expressions
  • Understood most everything we told him. He even follows two-part instructions.
  • Enjoyed cutting up and being a ham.
  • Interacted more with the TV and music. He claps when he hears applause on TV. He bounces up and down and sometimes sings when hearing music (“mumic”)
  • Has extended periods of time where he Will.Not.Stop.Talking.
  • Enjoyed hiding under his crib many times when Mama tried to put him down for a nap.

Also, we still haven't found too many things that Charlie doesn't like to eat. He doesn't like the texture of some things. However, he does love ice, olives, and pickles. Get the kid a bag of Sonic ice and a relish tray, and he's good to go!