January 5, 2009

Get Schmapped

I do have a lot to share about our wonderful holidays, but I haven't made time to sit down and write. Until then, enjoy this little widget thingie. One of my Flickr photos was selected to appear in the Schmap guide to San Antonio. Schmap is a site that provides free tourist guides and maps to cities all around the world. I thought that was kinda cool. I'm glad I uploaded all of those old South Texas pictures afterall! To see my picture, click "Photos" down at the bottom where it says "Map/Photos." That should start the slideshow. Mine is a closeup of a goat!


Wendy said...

HI! That is so cool that your picture was selected!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Maybe one day we will be in East Texas at the same time!

When you have a moment look at my blog post - have you heard of this law?? It is making me very upset - now that I am in love with Etsy, I can't imagine not having it around for Karsyn's bows, clothes, etc.

McBabble said...

Hi there!
Yes, I have heard of this. There seems to be a lot of confusing information about what types of things will be affected. The commission has added some exclusions to the testing requirements, so I guess they are still working out the details before it is enacted in February. I found some updates here: http://blog.buyhandmade.org/