December 4, 2007

Three Weeks Old!

Yesterday Charlie turned three weeks old! It feels like I’ve been caught in a time warp! I don’t even know what day of the week it is sometimes! Charlie is doing good, though. He sleeps for 2-3 hours at a time. He isn’t too fussy—he cries when he’s hungry and also right before he goes to sleep. I think we’ve worked out our feeding issues. After losing almost a pound during his first week, he bounced back and weighed 9 lbs. in week two. This week we’ve started supplementing with formula. We still primarily breastfeed, but knowing that we can use formula has given us (me) a sense of freedom that I really can leave the house if I need/want to. Using formula also means that Dave can do some of those 2 o’clock feedings, and I can sleep! Charlie doesn't seem to mind the change.

Last weekend was the first one that seemed “back to normal.” On Friday, we actually ventured out of the house! We went out to eat and also ran a couple of errands (Hobby Lobby and Books a Million—very important!) At the restaurant, we were ready to bolt at any moment if Charlie became fussy, but he slept the entire time. He was also an angel baby* at Books a Million. His car seat fit perfectly in their mini shopping carts, so we just pushed him around the store. It was funny.

Saturday, we had arranged for Dave’s brother and his wife (Seth and Kara) to babysit Charlie while we went to my office Christmas Party. We had a slight change of plans as we never left their house after we got there to drop Charlie off. The Big 12 Championship game was on, and Dave and Seth were suckered into watching. Later we watched part of the game from their neighbor’s house, and Charlie slept through all of the yelling and cheering. I think he was on his best behavior to make Dave look silly for always talking about the crying he does at home. No one will believe him now.

*Charlie's pediatrician called him an "angel baby" during a visit when he cried at the top of his lungs the entire time. I try to work it in as much as I can...

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