August 15, 2007

Tassel Hat

Pretend this candlestick and decorative ball represent my child... I think these hats are so cute! Of course, I won't be the one wearing it. I had seen these hats before so I scoured the Internet to find a pattern to make one myself. And it actually came out like it was supposed to! I’m most impressed with my seaming job--you can't even see the seam in the stockinette stitch part of the hat!


Grandma Poteet said...

Please don't expect your Dad to be overly thrilled seeing this style of cap on his grandchild! I'm with you though. I think our baby will be darling in it! (Even though I wasn't too excited by it when you first showed me the design.) But granddad will come around when he sees Charley (the baby) reaching out for him, then the cap won't matter. Good work!!! (uh, I by chance won't be getting one of these in my stocking this year will I?)

McBabble said...

Keep your fingers crossed about getting one of these for Christmas. Beware--I now know how to enlarge a pattern. Actually, I might have to make one of these for DeeDee. I put the hat on her yesterday, and she never tried to take it off. I think she liked it...haha